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Gipsy Market

It is an independent fashion and design fair, which brings together the main brands of the country with "Trend-Setters" in Bogotá. By 2017 Gipsy Market wanted to impose a space that did not have physical limits, so a strategy was created to allowed generating greater visibility or interactivity between the fair, the exhibitors (brands) and the visitors.

In this way we identify that, the digital world and social networks allow the millenials to approach, feel and be Trend-Setters. From this, the technology was used to open a space of communication and interaction and GIPSY MARKET DIGITAL was generated.

As a strategy, an analysis was made of the communication channels and the relationship and interaction of the fair with the exhibitors and visitors. A virtual store "GIPSY MARKET" of the brands was developed, which could be accessed through CEE APP, in order to extend the fair one week and give exhibitors greater visibility. Likewise, visitors had the possibility of continuing to buy their favorite products through the online store.

As a result, we had a 20% increase in the social network interactions of the brands and a 40% interaction of the main Trend-setters of Bogotá with the platform.
Thanks to our technology, we managed to capture the attention of visitors and generate a greater impact for the exhibitor brands.