nestle website case

During the week of May 21 to May 25, Nestlé had a regional event, which was held in Bogotá. In this event, the goal was to train the participants through the new philosophy of the company called "Change to grow". Inspiring and exchanging illustrative examples with experiences to unlock growth was one of the pillars of the meeting, as well as aligning all the participants with the purpose of the company, with the new structure and priorities for the region.

Cee's team facilitated learning and interaction among all the participants, thanks to the activation of 6 images, where people could scan and have access the digital content through CEE App.

Because the event was for all the managers of different regions, 3 images were activated that made reference to general information of the event, tourist sites in Bogota and the profile of each one of the participants, in order to get to know each other.

Additionally, three other images were activated where oriented towards giving insight in the learnings of the different meetings and the option to evaluate each of these meetinngs.

During the event participants could vote live for the person who showcased thehighest performance. The results were made public 2 minutes after the voting thanks to our CMS, which compiled the data live and created graphs with clear conclusions.

At the end of the event, the participants took all the content and information that they gathered during the event in the CEE App's history. Participants were pleased to be able to review and study data that they had not been able to see during the event's agenda.