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Within just a few years, DMEXCO has developed into the most important meeting point for the global digital economy. This is where visitors can conclude direct business deals, make valuable new contacts, and evaluate business ideas. More than 50,700 visiors and 1,013 Exhibitors in the previous event DMEXCO App is an important tool to inform and fasillitate.  

CEE Platform teamed up with Kinetic and DMEXCO to deliver an interactive experience. For the 2017 expo DMEXCO decided to use the CEE SDK to include the scanning options within their App. The easy to install package was very well received by DMEXCO organisation and saved them a lot of time.  Their goal was to offer their target group the option to register for the event.  All their offline advertisment contained the call to action to download their App and scan to register for the event while participating in a draw to win prizes. 

There are many advantages of using the CEE SDK

The advantages that the SDK is easy to install whilst it contains all the newest technologies and connection with our back-end. 

It opens up the possibility to make all print, audio and video scannable and thus offers the users all the digital advantages. 

By adding a scan option which is an added value for end-users, it functions a strong reason to downoad the app and therefor it becomes an App Download driver.