Unilever organizes a yearly event for their marketers to update them on all innovations in the field of marketing. This year the event took place in Rotterdam and it offered key speakers a platform and offered solution providers the possibility to show their innovations in the field of marketing.

The Event
Next to the biggest players in digital landscape, such as Google and Facebook, Unilever also invited Kinetic to highlight the CEE Platform to its marketers. Kinetic Worldwide has a global partnership with Endeavour Media to promote and sell the CEE Platform as an all-in-one solution for offline activation. For the event, Kinetic choose as basis one Unilever product (AXE) and created a storyline within a closed off room that involved multiple scanning technologies. By scanning hand-outs, posters, video, audio, products and banners, participants received hints to complete the challenge and receive a key to escape the room (AXESCAPE ROOM).

AXEscape room
The Escape Room contained as many as 15 scannable items where 6 clues were dispersed. By scanning different video’s, images and products, participants could find the landing pages containing riddles which had to be solved to receive the next clue. This was a great fun way for marketeers to witness firsthand the possibilities which the CEE Platform offers. Because of the combination of 9 scanning technologies within one App, it becomes possible to connect almost everything in the real world to the digital world. The participants were pleasently surprised to experience the posibilieties provided by the CEE Platform. This omnichannel oriented platform can offer marketeers many new possibilieties to engage and activate consumers anytime and anywhere.