On the 10th of September, AnPost issued a set of stamps celebrating The 5 Senses.

The five traditionally recognized human senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch will be celebrated with this set of innovative stamps. The stamps feature enhanced production techniques for each sense:

Sight– printed on transparent paper, when you pick up the stamp you can see through it.
Hearing– thermography so that when the stamp is rubbed it creates a sound.
Taste– strawberry flavoured gum has been applied to the back of the stamp.
Smell– a mint fragrance has been added to the surface of the stamp.
Touch– where thermochromic ink has been used, so that when the hand illustration is touched, it changes colour.

In addition, all of the stamps contain image recognition technology to allow smartphones to link to specially compiled online material related to the Five Senses. This content, is both interesting and entertaining, and can be accessed by downloading the free Cee App to your smartphone or tablet.