case scaleup2For the launch of his 5th book Tony de Bree choose to put his money where his mouth is. Advocating thinking out of the box for businesses in the 21st century he utilized the CEE Platform to showcase the merging of offline with online that is an inevitability. 

De Scale-up Blue Print is packed with practical knowledge how to safeguard your company by thinking in terms of scalabiliy in the 21ste century disruptive business enviroment. Next to the book in Tony de Bree has additonal digital material to accompany the book and what better way to provide direct acces to this material then through scannng.
In order to drive further engagement with the material Tony used the bookmark to inform readers to scna the cover of the book with the CEE App. By scanning the cover readers get direct access to exclusive landingpage which contains: links referenced in the book, additional material, latest blogs, download option, give-aways. Readers can also communicate directly with Tony for feedback, questions or book him for an event. Additional to the aforementioned the readers can play a quiz to test their knowledge of the book and automatically become a member of the newsletter.
By making the book scannable readers gain direct access to the digital content, can communicate directly with the writer and engage more frequently with book thanks to the frequent update of the landingpage. Tony is always eager to find new ways to deliver value to his readers and give them a seamless experience when digsting his content, be it online or offline.