tinietempah1.jpgTinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah, a well known rapper from the UK, performed a concert in London and wanted to do something very special for his loyal fans. He wanted to promote his concert in a truly unique way. That’s why he chose to make his OOH posters interactive and surprise his fans in a nice way.


Win tickets

In London, in a couple of neighbourhoods posters of Tinie Tempah appeared which could be scanned by using the CEE app. Upon scanning, the user had to fill in a register form to enter the contest of winning 2 tickets to Tinie Tempahs concert. But for the true loyal fans who already had tickets, he also gave away some signed copies of his new album “Youth”.  Something his fans would really love to have.


Cee platform

This campaign was a really nice way of showing the capability of the CEE app. The landing pages containing the registration modules where made with our CEE CMS and for the creatives we used Image Recognition option of the CEE app. The posters included simple instructions such as “download CEE app”, “ scan this poster with the CEE app” and “Register to win tickets”. The clear call 2 action and the simplicity of registering by a single scan resulted in a great engagement rate.


Valuable statistics

Besides the advantages for the fans this campaign also was able to generate some additional valuable data about the engagement and demographic. The CEE CMS (Campaign Management System) has an elaborate analytics dashboard from which specific information about the engagement are collected and visualized. Information such as time of engagement, GPS locations of users and profile of the users.