URBMATH is architectural firm that focusses trends within big city culture and lifestyle on a constant basis. The office interprets this information into spatial strategies, concepts and designs for clients such as development companies, cultural organizations and leading brands

The Staircase
MVRDV, a very famous architects company build a temporary staircase in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This 29 meter high staircase, with 180 steps was built on Stationplein, a square in the city center of Rotterdam. The staircase became a major attraction where people walked the staircase to reach the roof of the building to view the skyline of the city.

The campaign
URBMATH was inspired by the initiative and pitched the idea to add a large super slide on the staircase. They created photoshop images showing a huge virtual slide on top of the staircase and shared this idea on social media. The post became viral and the enthusiasm of the audience was shared also by MVRDV and the city officials. URBMATH decided in agreement with all parties to highlight this concept by creating an animation and adding a digital layer on top of the existing staircase. For this purpose, URBMATH chose to use the CEE Platform to make the staircase scannable with the CEE App.

The results
The train station visitors where not only treated with a temporary landmark but also with a digital treat allowing them to scan the staircase to view an alternate solution. This campaign was deemed very successful and multiple national newspapers in the Netherlands reported on it (below some links)
By using the CEE Platform Urbmath succeeded in conveying their idea to a large audience in a fun and local way. Scanning a real life object (not just a QR-code or an image) such as a huge staircase was not done before and we are happy that it served the city by adding some extra value to this temporary landmark.

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